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Acoustical Plaster

Freas Plastering Company: Berkeley’s Quality, Plaster and Fireproofing Specialist

For more than 25 years, Berkeley, California’s finest builders have come to rely on Freas Plastering Company whenever the project calls for quality workmanship, a commitment to the environment and “Green” techniques, as well as the best materials and the finest union workforce in the Bay Area.

The foundation of our company is built on respect and trust. Whether the job calls for exterior plaster work, plaster for soundproofing (acoustical techniques), historical or contemporary plaster finishes, fireproofing or EIFS systems applied by EIFSmart experts, we bring excellence to any job we tackle, as well as a deep responsibility to the world in which we live.

Freas Plastering Company is known for its dependability and our promise to doing each job right, always on-time, and with the expertise to meet the challenges of the most demanding assignment.

We are current with the latest in Green Building methods, we a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and we are family-owned, not a huge conglomerate! Our obligation to the environment is seen in every Berkeley, California project in which we have been proud to participate. We have added our expertise to numerous LEED certified projects and use LEED accreditable construction materials.



Drip, drip, drip, it’s enough to drive you crazy.  We’re not too fond of it either.  Give us a call now and we’ll be there in 45 minutes or less to put an end to that leaky faucet.  With over a decade of plumbing experience behind us and a fully certified crew, we have what it takes to fix that leaky faucet or leaky shower properly the first time.  

Call us today at 800-740-1555 or 510-481-1555


San Leandro Divorce Mediation Attorneys

San Leandro Divorce Mediation Attorneys

San Leandro Divorce Mediation Attorneys

A divorce does not have to be an ugly nightmare to deal with. While many assume that the end of a marriage means an unpleasant separation with bitter arguments, we can help make the divorce process as peaceful and stress-free as possible. At the Law Office of Chow & Losinski, lawyers serving San Leandro, Pleasanton, Hayward, Oakland, Fremont, Union City and neighboring cities, we believe that our mediation services can benefit those spouses who choose to work together in obtaining a divorce.

If your goal is to work cooperatively with your spouse so you can both move on to the next phase of your life, contact a skilled divorce mediation lawyer at 510-895-9099. You can rely on a skilled family mediator to discuss your concerns in a free initial consultation.


Mammoth Real Estate

Mammoth Real Estate

Eagle Lodge Homes For Sale

The residential neighborhoods located closest to the Eagle Lodge base ski area are Crooked Pines, Lodestar, Altis, Greyhawk, Juniper Ridge, Mammoth Vista 1, Tyrolean Pines 1 & 2,  and Mammoth Vista 3. The only true “ski-in, ski-out” neighborhood is Juniper Ridge.  The Mammoth Vista subdivisions offer great views and just a short walk to the Eagle Lodge area.  Greyhawk homes for sale are located just above the Bridges condos and some have ski-in, ski-out access as well.

Oakes – Hayward Composition Shingle Re-Roof


Oakes – Hayward Composition Shingle Re-Roof

We stripped off the old r​oof​ and gutters, installed OSB sheathing over the spaced sheathing, 30-lb felt underlayment, Presidential Shake TL shingles by CertainTeed (color: Autumn Blend), new vent flashings​ (painted to match the roof)​, valley metal​ in the valley areas​, continuous ridge vents​ on the ridgelines​, Rapid Ridge cap shingles​ on all the hips and ridges​, and new gutters (color: Wood Beige). ​

This roof originally featured wood shakes. Presidential Shake TL​ is​​ one of CertainTeed’s higher end shingle​​ types, featuring a longer lifespan than the most commonly chosen Landmark ​series.​ ​ These shingles ​resemble cedar shakes, but are much more cost-effective. They are also one of the thickest, most durable shingles in the industry.

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